Thursday, 2 December 2010

An interesting E25 transmision with an exciting ending

And another surprise from E25!

The transmission began at 1214z on 9450 kHz, with the song "Inte Omri". Then at 1217z, the mechanical young lady, in a faster-than-usual pace, was calling "830 3 835". Then a message to 835 followed:

830 3 835

835 (repeated)

"Message" x3

1020 5555 x19 (an unusual message)

"Repeat"x3 (fast)

"End of message, end of transmission"

Note that the pace was a bit faster, the gaps between phrases/numbers were a bit irregular and the endings of the number "five" were more abrupt than usual.

At 1226z the message ended with the usual "EOM EOT" and then...the Windows XP shutdown sound followed! (And not Windows 98!) After this little surprise, the transmission ended.

Here is (nearly) the whole transmission (A part is missing from the beginning). The "rattling" sound is the digital station who usually interferes E25 when I use AM mode.

So E25 operators upgraded their OS? But yet, the quality of the transmission wasn't as good as expected!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Buzzer sounds a bit different this evening

The Buzzer (S28) sounds a bit different today, having a higher pitch. This is a recording made today at 1909z, on 4625 kHz, with the receiver in AM mode.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Early E25a on 9450kHz

The YL appeared an hour earlier, at 1115z (it is expected to transmit at 1200z-1400z during winter time) on 9450 kHz, with the E25a message "317 3". A carrier was present since at least 1056z, and had a brief break at 1110z. The transmitter QRT after the end of the message, which ended without "End of message, end of transmission".


Friday, 10 September 2010

New edition of rfax.pdf

I just noticed that NOAA has published a new edition of the rfax.pdf which is a guide/schedule for the HF-FAX stations of the world. The guide is dated 13 August 2010.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Buzzer, with "The Swan's Lake" and with an OM counting live!

This is my first post after a long time. My excitement for what's going on motivated me to finally quit my long silence.

The Buzzer (S28) stopped transmitting two days ago. Since then, several people confirmed its absence. Yesterday I found (among with others) that the familiar buzzing sound was back again.

Moments ago (4625 USB, 1834z), I was lucky to hear a test transmission from S28! An OM counting in Russian, then the buzzing sound and "The Swan's Lake"!

Here is the recording! Enjoy!

The web page has a live feed from 4625 kHz.