Sunday, 7 October 2012

E25a on 9450 kHz logged using Univ. of Twente WebSDR

E25a was heard using the WebSDR of University of Twente. This is great because listeners across the globe, can listen to E25 on 9450 kHz!

A carrier was in progress at 1315z, 07/10/2012 on 9450 kHz. Then a 1000 Hz tone appeared and after a while the YL started calling "785 8". She ended with "Message" x3 at ~1319z.

Here is the sound sample.


Anonymous said...

hello Manolis
you once promised to explain your matthing transformer that eliminates pc noise
hope you do that...


Manolis said...

I haven't promised anything. Someone like myself and other bloggers,who keeps a blog at his spare time, without earning anything, can't promise anything to anyone.

Do a little research regarding homebrew antenna transformers.

That's it, and not any kind of black magic.


Toko Ukari said...

Greetings ! Enjoyed your E25a
recording, thankyou for taking the
time posting it. I've never copied
the E25a from my monitoring site.

Strong Signals to you Manolis !

Thuc Nguyen said...

I see the sea is not stand it ... great. I wish I could be like you!
teefury , redbubble , threadless.

Felix Wiedemann said...

Hi Manolis,

sorry for kidnapping this post. I was following your website for several years. Every time a new post was released, I was really excited what new phenomenoms you discovered. For sure I also know the big catalogs like e2k, but your posts were more human, more natural, more lifelike. I wish, one day will be an update to this site and bring me back this excitement from the past. Please keep the good work going!

Greetings from Germany,