Saturday, 17 December 2011

Test transmission on 9450kHz, along with an E25a message

A long test session occurred on 15 December, at 9450 kHz. It started at 1303z and lasted for a bit more than a half an hour.

The session began with PC sounds, then a prayer, then again, sounds from the Windows game "Spider Solitaire". At 1317z and after a brief 1000 Hz tone, the YL counted 0-9, each number spoken in both variants. The second variant is used when the number is in the end of a numbers group. After a while, at 1323z a tone and the YL counting 0-6 this time was heard. The carrier stayed up with again some Windows sounds. At 1327z, an E25a message (785 2) was sent, and the session ended at 1335z, with some more sounds from "Spider Solitaire".

And here is the sound file of the whole transmission. Enjoy!


Hector Miguel Perez Gomez said...

Excuse me, what does YL mean? Thank you.

Hector Miguel Perez Gomez said...
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Manolis said...

YL stands for "Young Lady" in radio slang. YL is any female radio operator. Since most numbers stations use synthetic voices, in that case means that the synthetic voice sounds female.