Saturday, 17 December 2011

Test transmission on 9450kHz, along with an E25a message

A long test session occurred on 15 December, at 9450 kHz. It started at 1303z and lasted for a bit more than a half an hour.

The session began with PC sounds, then a prayer, then again, sounds from the Windows game "Spider Solitaire". At 1317z and after a brief 1000 Hz tone, the YL counted 0-9, each number spoken in both variants. The second variant is used when the number is in the end of a numbers group. After a while, at 1323z a tone and the YL counting 0-6 this time was heard. The carrier stayed up with again some Windows sounds. At 1327z, an E25a message (785 2) was sent, and the session ended at 1335z, with some more sounds from "Spider Solitaire".

And here is the sound file of the whole transmission. Enjoy!

Abdel Halim Hafez - Ahwak ("I love you"), transmitted on 6140 kHz

On 15 December, 0837z, 6140 kHz, E25 transmitted this song from Abdel Halim Hafez. The song is called "Ahwak" which means "I love you". Here is a YouTube video featuring the same song,
and some more info regarding the singer can be found in the corresponding Wikipedia article.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Some more peculiar E25 transmissions

A lot activity logged yesterday, 12 December. Almost all of the transmissions on 6140 kHz were troublesome. The machine/software which announces the messages from pre-recorded voice samples, had variable speed. Instead of trying to describe what I've heard, I'll provide the samples...

6140 kHz
0800z: 117 7
(This is a so-called E25a transmission.)

0831z: 701 5611 1430 0201 3579 7977 9425 1253 7669 3650 1430 140
Music started at 0838z.

0845z: 169 2140 1540 1056 1721 1721 7560 3997 6991 2217 3402 0474 1634

1000z: 570 4630 1038 9584 6441 0592 2270 2724 5306

1046z: 880 1810 7111 1099 6196 8979 1069 0704 0618 8111 7852 1810
(A usual E25 transmission this time.)

1245z: 555 2121 2021 0110 6422 7056 5601 3046 6436 7646 1768 2820 0110
(Another usual transmission.)

All signals were strong in my QTH. (As I could judge from the (auto)recordings quality.)

There is a chance that the 9450kHz transmission will repeat today, December 13th. Any logs are always welcome!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Two nearly incomprehensible E25a transmissions

I have no idea why E25 operators mess things all the time.

The first transmission occurred today at 0802z with the E25a message "364 91" and the second at 0815z with the message "126 48". Both were on 6140kHz and in AM mode.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Strange repeat of yesterday's live E25 transmission

Yesterday, a live transmission with ID 360 took place on 6140 kHz at 0801z:

7590 1510 6060 3137 7735 4027 3558 1510 1007

Today, a "shorter version" of the above message was transmitted at 0800z. It wasn't a live transmission; the usual pre-recorded YL voice announced the the first five groups of the above message. Since the original message contains a repeat group (1510) it is obvious that today something went wrong (as usual).

A ringing sound (probably a Windows XP sound) can also be heard.