Saturday, 9 April 2011

Two E25 transmissions on 9450kHz, with lots of PC sounds

The recording starts at 1315z on 9450 kHz, AM mode. After the first transmission and during the second transmission, a lot of PC sounds are heard. Any ideas?

Another transmission occurred on 9450 kHz at 1244z (a message to 440, which is the same since 22/02). Also, earlier this morning, a transmission occurred on 6140 kHz, at 0800z:

6421 4880 3351 9836 8953 3361 4186 6507 3344 4586 4880 5390

The station was up at least since 0753z with OM music. WinXP sounds were heard again, the YL ended with “EOM 3...”. It was a strong signal.

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DaniX2007 said...

Your recordings were never such clear like before. These piano sounds are so interesting... maybe they planned to create new intro? ;)