Sunday, 1 March 2009

E10 now sends "TMS" instead of "ABC" on 6428 kHz

E10 was calling "ABC" on 6428 kHz the last few days. But right now (1545 UTC), E10 calls "TMS" in AM mode on 6428 kHz. E10 transmissions are carrier+USB but this one is AM. This recording was made with the Icom set to LSB to avoid some digital "rattle" QRM. The signal is ~S7 on LSB with S9 peaks, while it is a more or less steady S9 in AM with +10dB peaks and digi QRM.


Anonymous said...

i'm monitoring a strange 2_tone pattern of Haifa 4330cw right now. any ideas?

Manolis said...

Maybe one of the many digital stations? I don't listen to Haifa CW as much as I did in the past :-(