Wednesday, 11 February 2009

E10 EZI2 & E06 mix on 6840 kHz

Thanks to E10-Agent, ENIGMA 2000 members were informed about an exciting E10/E06 mix!

Specifically, on 6840 kHz E06 started calling "190" and moments later the E10 lady was calling "EZI2". E10 ended at 2003z (after the usual 3 minutes) while E06 sent a 71-group message:

865 71
72890 71657 88008 19559 03948
(Ended at 2016z with fast zeros)

E06 started with with an S6 to S8 signal but after a while he got stronger, S9...+10dB. Propagation effect or just a necessary power-up to "win" E10?

You can listen the entire transmission here. Enjoy!