Thursday, 29 January 2009

The elusive S21 Russian lady (or girl?)

S21 Russian Lady (or more likely a Russian girl) is always buried in noise and QRMed by several other transmissions. This time, despite the noise from the nearby thunderstorm, I had a decent signal.

S21 appeared on 3823 USB, approximately at 1845z, calling "323", and then "374" x2, "33" x2, and then 5-figure groups x2. I'm not sure about the first groups...

Ended at 1853z with ??? then 323 374 33 0 0 0.

Here's the whole transmission (not processed).

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The BC and Jammmer on 7540 kHz

The Arabic language Broadcast Station which is on 7540 kHz (E10 frequency) is also being Jammed. But this Jammer is different from E10's Jammer. Here is a very short clip. Please compare with my older posts regarding E10 Jamming.

Check also for a video recording from a Numbers friend from Germany, showing the reception of the BC station with a Sangean 909 (note the nice "extra" on the radio hihi!)

The BC station is "Denge Mezopotamia" and broadcasts in Kurdish: Thanks Mr. DXer!!!