Wednesday, 10 December 2008

E10 Jammers get aggressive

Right now (1830z) there are two Jammers on 4880 kHz. E10 sends a 115-group message starting with "GHRCA..." to ULX, and both Jammers are on the same frequency! Is this a mistake, or a ferocious attack by all means, to ULX?

So far I believe that whoever operates the Jammers, can transmit at most with two jammers. This time he/she decided to use both Jammers on the same frequency.

Here is a part of the transmission. The Jammers sometimes nearly wins ULX. Also take a closer look at their time offset in the following spectrogram images:
There is a ~25ms time difference between the two Jammer signals. Well, you can hear and see that both remain constant in terms of strength (ok both affected by a slow QSB) so I don't think this is a weird propagation phenomenon. If any of you have a different opinion, feel free to post.

The Jammers stopped at 1851z, while E10 continued with the repeat of the message, plus a weaker broadcast station in the background. E10 QRT at 1855z and the BC QRT at 1859z.


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,

well..I have been monitoring the jammers in themiddle east for a while ...since 1990 as a matter of fact , and I can tell you that the only active jammers are located in Iran. you may try 7540 kHz from around 17.00 UTC and you can here a similar jammer with the same strength trying to beat V O Mesopotamia in kurdish . also I think the jammers are targetting V.O.Iranian kurdistan on 4850 +/- 5 khz more to avoid jammer.

all the best my friend


Anonymous said...

Hi Manolis!

See here:)) -


Manolis said...


I am familiar with 7540 kHz jamming. Others also mention Iran so this is our best guess. It is interesting that whoever tries to jam E10 uses only 2 jammers when there are a multitude of E10 transmissions... Maybe the jammers know more and do "surgical" hits...


Hello Poacer! Thanks for sharing your video with us! The low-light conditions are so spooky hihihi!