Monday, 24 November 2008

E07 and a Pirate sending SSTV?

This is the E07 2100z transmission on 6931 AM. You can hear some "digital" QRM just from the beginning of the transmission. It's SSTV. I managed to decode the last part of the SSTV transmission, just after E07 QRT. The actual frequency was 6924.97 USB. Here's the screen shot from MMSSTV (a freeware SSTV program):

MMSSTV shows 14ZK192 as the callsign of the sender. A Google search leads to Who's this?

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Anonymous said...

Hello is very curious your reception, I think I what Pirated, Whoever can put any indicatf dan MMSSTV and send it, I do not know why it made that, me I am Shortwave Listeners and I emit only of 27 Mhz Citizen Band.

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