Thursday, 9 October 2008

More on E10 jamming

This morning I decided to check 6840 and 7690 for any jamming over EZI. Interestingly, the jammer started at 6840 kHz and then decided to jam 7690 kHz, even if there was an EZI2 message.

The recording is from 0627z this morning, on 6840 and 7690 kHz, USB mode.
The first 1min 58 sec is on 6840 kHz. You can hear the YL calling EZI2 just before 0630z. Then at 1min 33sec the jammer stops. I'm still on 6840 kHz. At 1min 53sec you can hear some code and then at ~1min 59sec I switched to 7690 kHz. Hey! The jammer is here now! At 3m 18sec or ~0630z EZI2 starts normally. I switched back to 6840 at 4min 24sec but no jammer there, just CW. Then I switched back to 7690 kHz, till the end of EZI2 transmission, The jammer stopped just few seconds before the YL.


Anonymous said...

Hello my friend ,

any idea what what's that CW message ??? just wondering it starts right b4 the jammer !??

wish I knew morse code :(

nice catch..I caught ART and ULX mixing on 6270 a few days ago. and just caught E25 as usual on 6140 will make a report about it today .

all the best my friend



weatherall said...

That jammer is now my favorite. It has the coolest sound of the ones I've heard so far.