Monday, 15 September 2008

E25 switched to winter time

Since August 28-29, Egypt switched back to winter time. E25 also shifted its schedules +1 hour. So someone can except a transmission on 6140 kHz at 0800 UTC - 1200 UTC and on 9450 kHz at 1200 UTC - 1400 UTC. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

my friend,

they shifted one hour backword , summer time they used to be UTC+3 , now they are back to normal UTC+2
all the best


Manolis said...

Well, let me clarify this:

They want to keep the transmissions follow Egypt time throughout the year.

For example if Agent 804 wants his/her message at 10:45 Egypt time throughout the year, then:

10:45 Egypt is 0745 UTC during summer
10:45 Egypt is 0845 UTC during winter

So if our time base is UTC, E25 switched +1 hour their schedules in order their agents to receive their messages at the same (Egypt) time.