Tuesday, 5 August 2008

E25 rocks on 6140, then on 9450!

E25 on 9450 kHz playing "Don't pay the ferryman"!

And this one shows my scanner (Icom R20) with its stock antenna (ok, ok, I'm cheating... placed near the window for better reception) also tuned to 9450!

A lot of odd things happened today... music started on 6140 at 0918z and ended at 1003z. Then at 1006z a carrier appeared on 9450 kHz and a mix of music and E25 transmissions occurred till 1147z!!!

If you still don't think there's a connection between the music heard on 6140, 9450 and E25, just listen to this! It starts as a normal E25 transmission (well... wrong frequency! 9450 instead of 6140!) but then... Please be patient and listen the whole file. What do you think now? You can verify that it's not something edited, since there's a BC station audible in the background (which should be WYFR Family Radio).



Anonymous said...

Is this the first time they're using occidental music?

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,

I sent you a message last Saturday, 2/8/08 but :( it didn't go through I reckon .
E25 was playing loads of Chris be Burgh songs on 6140...I heard them from 8.00Z till 8.45Z playing nothing but chris ....I was too busy to record that :(
anyway ...great catch

keep up the great work


Manolis said...

No, it's not the first time. Except from songs of Umm Kulthum and traditional songs, they played some other songs in the past.

Manolis said...

Mr. DXer,

Unfortunately I haven't got any mail from you. I hope you're well! You can always reach me via the E2K group!

BTW I'm busy too, that's why my blog has less posts these days.