Friday, 19 October 2007

E25 has a young lady

E25 has a YL operator!
I always was curious if the info in the Enigma Control List regarding E25 and its female counterpart is accurate. Indeed, experienced Enigmans are accurate! I was lucky enough to record her twice yesterday (Thursday 18/10) on 6140 kHz:

At 0855z a blank carrier appeared and at 0859z a YL started calling "200 3"! This ended at ~0902z. Listen!

Her second and most interesting appearance occurred at 0929z. The characteristic noise was heard when the transmitter turned on and after a couple of seconds the YL started calling "323"! Three minutes later she said "Message" trice and she handed the microphone to the well-known OM for the message:

"8001 5311 7129 4736 8505 3482 0671 3495 3546 5311",

then "Rebeat" x 3 as usual, and EOM EOT at ~0935z. Here is the whole session!

Note that the 2nd and last group are the same, and the 1st group gives the group count (10) and 8 as a serial number.

So that's how E25 sounds in my QTH without RAI. And that's how the long-awaited YL sounds!

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