Monday, 11 June 2007

Two simultaneous E25 transmissions on 9450 kHz

E25 is active on 6140 kHz -- messages are sent in almost daily basis, but I have to recover them from unattended recordings with a lot of RAI QRM. Anyway, one exciting thing happened today on 9450 kHz:

At 1144z there was an OM calling "788 63 62 61 59 52 785 50 46 45" in USB mode and in relatively low signal strength, an AM carrier appeared (very strong) and another OM started calling "788 52 59 61 62 63 785 45 46 50 60"!

This is a recording from the weak signal just before the AM carrier appeared (USB mode).

And this is a recording featuring both guys (USB mode, a couple of minutes later).

The always-exciting world of E25 continues to surprise me...


CJ said...

E25 seems the star of the show for now. As a sound guy, I really loved how you verified the playback by lining up the two recordings in 2-track/stereo.

Great blog, great media files. I live in USA, in North Carolina. Been a SW/Numbers Station 'fan' for about five years now, though I've gotten out of it from time to time.

I'll be checking in from time to time!


Manolis said...

Thanks CJ,

My only experience with sound editing came by playing with Numbers Stations. I like the 'stereo' trick, I do it in several occasions (to compare propagation effects) but behind any 'scientific' interest, I do it just for fun!

V02a reaches me here and like E25, I love them just for their 'bloopers'! I guess in the States you can enjoy V02a much easier than I do!