Wednesday, 20 June 2007

This is how E25 sounds on 6140 kHz, with NO RAI present!

Great luck today!

I got E25 on 6140 kHz this morning (0817z) calling "955 21" in USB mode. The frequency was clear from RAI thus giving me a chance for a signal measurement! So E25 was S7 max on 6140.

You can listen the transmission here.

Less than an hour later, at 0901z, E25 sent a message to "570". Signal was in USB, RAI-free but with some QRN. Signal was S5-S7.

Here is the message:

2313 3178 0588 1355 7091 0895 9354 8088 8008 5284
9852 1744 5259

This is the full transmission! I deliberately detune my radio to check if it was an AM transmission or LSB-suppressed. Also you can hear the switchover from the guy calling "570" to the guy sending the message.

And yes, more action followed!

At 0916z a stronger carrier appeared, and it wasn't RAI! Music followed, in AM mode, peaking S9+ but most of the times it fluctuated around S8. So this must be another transmitter on the same frequency!

Music continued and at 0930z an OM started calling "405 425" and then "405" only, under the music! The message was:

8920 8053 9788 0251 0753 8751 1008 0448 4098 8715
5405 7539

Listen what actually happened! Again, an other guy announced the message.

The music session ended at 1021z.

I'm almost sure these was two different transmissions on the same frequency. Today's observations are of great importance, if you also take account the occurrence of another test transmission from at least 0710z (as reported by Mike on E2k Group) until 0816z with a S9+ to S9++ here and S9 at 0710z in UK at 0710z.

I was extremely lucky today; being in my shack to note down signal strengths in a RAI-free frequency :-) instead of the usual record-and-check-later procedure which means no signal strength measurements!

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Anonymous said...


Have you noticed the switch between the 2 songs on the 405 message? these are 2 different songs for OM Kalthoum as usual the first one is new to hear on E25 ...I's called HOB AYIH " what Love are you talking about?" and then by the end of the message the usual ent Omri musical intro was there.....first time to hear them having 2 different songs -underneath- the message ;0)
Keep up the good work mate.
I'll leave to Alexandria next week will try to have an ear for 6140 , 9450 and Maybe a new freq I discovered...but not 100% sure yet.