Friday, 22 June 2007

Radio Show of interest: BRIXMIS Story

Here is a recording of BRIXMIS Story featured on BBC Radio 4, 11 June 2007, 1900z to 1930z.


ColinCroft said...

Hi, A friend / neighbour of mine was involved in BRIXMIS. I would like to record the programme for him, can you let me have the mp3 file?

Manolis said...

Of course! After all it's not mine, it's from BBC's radio stream service. I recorded and converted it to mp3 to let other people access it easier. I don't like RealAudio myself so I did this because I guess many people don't like it either!

ColinCroft said...

Hi again Manolis, thanks for your reply - This is my first attempt at Blogs! I got you through Google. I have connected to the link and listened to the broadcast (thanks again) How do I save the file or record to CD?