Sunday, 3 June 2007

E25 uses Windows

Listen the Windows OS startup sound and some background chat when the E25 transmission on 9450 kHz, AM mode, began at 0957z. Now (1015z) they're still playing "Inte Omri". Recording made in USB mode to avoid splatter from Radio China International on 9440 kHz (my AM filters are not so tight...)


Anonymous said...

I started feeling like they use the P.C to play the music !!as usual I could be wrong :)
keep up the good work Manolis.


Anonymous said...

Hi Manolis, suer sounds like "Windows" start up tune. I have had a nasty thought. Do you think that they are sitting there sending messages and reading OUR Newsletter? Surely not!!! Great work, 73 de Gary

Anonymous said...

the first time I can be amused about the senders. 'we dont broadcast this way..' in the noise,
heard number transmissions 30 years ago in german, still have the recordings, keep up the good work