Sunday, 24 June 2007

Buzzer's other frequency

S28 the "buzzer" or the "foghorn" (OK it sounds like a truck's horn to me!) is using another frequency except 4625 kHz. Ary warned the Enigma 2000 group that S28 can also be found at 3842 kHz.

Here is a comparison of 4625 and 3842 kHz as recorded in USB mode today at 1920z. 3842 is weaker here and lacks the carrier. Also the tones are decaying, not like 4625 kHz.

If you're not convinced if this is S28, listen them both going in "berserk mode" near the hour (1959z). This time the first one recorded is 4625 kHz.

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Anonymous said...

Recently at certain late evening/night times UVB-76 ( was transmitting on two (4625//3842 and 4625//3837 kHz) frequencies. On the lower frequency the station operated with a backup transmitter (2.5 kW; the main tx is 10 kW)in the reduced carrier/USB mode. Usualy this transmitter is on air daily at 0700-0750 UTC (in winter at 0800-0850 UTC), when the main unit is on daily maintenance.