Tuesday, 8 May 2007

JMH Japan HF-Fax service frequencies

The latest HF-Fax frequencies for JMH Japan HF-Fax service are:

3622.5 kHz
7795.0 kHz
13988.5 kHz

(all H24, 120/576)
Myself have logged 7795 and 13988.5 kHz. Here is today's test transmission at 1300z:
There is some QRM from a digital station few Hz lower. That caused my decoder to choose 60 LPM instead of 120 so I cropped the resulting image.


Anonymous said...

I have best results with 3622.5. The 1300z test signal is at 0700 my time and ham bands at a minimum usage. I had some info that they were on 7305 and 13597. I'll try your freqs tomorrow. thanx for the heads up!

Manolis said...

It seems you live in a completely different part of the world than I do! For 3662.5 is tough! Also I have QRM from a digital station just below 13988!

If you look close enough, the new frequencies are printed on the test chart! The "old" frequencies had a lot of QRM so it is a blessing JMH decided to alter their frequencies!

73 & best HF-Fax DX!