Sunday, 29 April 2007

Sunday morning: Full of oriental music

From at least 0800z to 1322z E25 was on air playing oriental music. At my QTH, signal strength was constant S9+. Towards the end of this lengthy test (?) session a song was repeated again and again several times. Listen!


Anonymous said...

hello Manolis,

as usual Um Kalthoum with a song called HOB AYIH = what's Love , she's blaming her lover for causing her so much pain !
one of her classicals as usual.

Nice catch my friend.



Manolis said...

Thanks my friend,

Your help is greatly appreciated! I must try to find albums of Um Kalthoum since I like her songs so much!


Anonymous said...

Hi Manolis, Good catch and glad to have a transaltion and bit of bazckground from Tarek. Is this station becoming more active or is it my imagination? I only get to hear it in Corfu, although yesterday I heard similar music to that which you have recorded. Not having atyed on the frequency, I cannot be sure. Patience is a virtue which I MUST cultivate!!!
TNX Mucho Manolis,
73 de Gary

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend,

here's most of her songs from that great site.
all the best