Tuesday, 27 March 2007

A rare musical Enigma: XPL

A rare member of the polytones family appeared this morning while checking some E10 slots together with the E10 expert, AlphaVax. This was heard at 0934z over E10 ART, on 5435 kHz! It is XPL. The image shows a spectrogram made with CoolEdit, my favorite sound editing program.

The Enigma Control List #22 states:

XPL M12 family

Low Tones (Hz +-3Hz)

It would appear that the low tones are the product of mixing 2 non harmonically related tones, analysis not yet completed but tone pairs identified (Hz +-3Hz), tone product in parenthesis:- 150/235[80], 165/255[90], 180/245[65], 205/260[55], 215/290[75] Hz. Tone/value relationships :- Still under analysis.

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