Tuesday, 20 March 2007

E25 this morning but no E15 yet

I'm doing some HF surfing to find E15 but still no luck... Frequencies to check: 18000, 14727 (discovered by Poacher), 14000, 11170, 11000, 6715 (Greek pirates' favorite also), 5834, 5530 and 4130, all USB mode. Take a look in the current Enigma2000 Newsletter (under E15) and in Newsletter #28 and the accompanying article regarding E15.

On the other hand, E25 appeared this morning on its usual spot (9450 kHz) in AM mode. A couple of transmissions in something like suppressed-LSB mode occurred lately. Personally I prefer AM mode, they sound a lot better, even if they play a little with audio gain and cause distortion.

Here is a sound sample of the 0912z E25 transmission. Too much audio gain in the beginning, then lower gain and background chat. I don't know which song they played. I wonder what the ops say in the background...


Anonymous said...

Hello Manolis,

I tried my best to figure out what was that guy saying , sounded like he was either shouting at some1 or having a conversation over the phone !!
as usual :( the file didn't complete...I wonder why !
the song is as usual by Om Kultoum , I'm not 100% sure of I had to ask my dad :) he said maybe it's "enta alhob " U R the Love .
would you be kind enough to e mail me the whole file maybe I can be 100% positive about the name?

all the best my friend..and welcome back to the blog :)


Anonymous said...

after listening for several times...I can tell that , the situation is like that...an operator is giving sort of a demo to some ppl. , at the begining , the audio was a bit loud so he said lower the volume.then he started the demo I figured out the words..going on the air.......when going on the air do,,,,,,, and then there was the mic tap :)

more to come :)


P.S thanx for the great report about E25 on the latest E2K News letter. a bit late...but late is better than never :)

hamrad said...

Found your Blog via your message in the udxf Yahoo group. Very informative Blog and I have added to my Bloglines to get notification of updates. Keep up the good work.

Tampa Bay, Florida, USA