Tuesday, 2 January 2007

"Perfect Paul"

Ionosphere is disturbed again. While browsing New Orleans HF-Fax frequencies, I heard a mechanical male voice dictating weather info. A few clicks were enough to prove that it was New Orleans HF Voice Broadcast service. Here is more info. The mechanical voice is called "Perfect Paul"! I tuned on 8764 kHz and the signal was better. This frequency is assigned on Chesapeake and Pt. Reyes. The transmission started on 2130z according to schedule. Here is a sound sample recorded at 2154z on 8764 kHz. Some Cool Edit witchcraft is applied to make it more pleasuring for your ears.

Teaser: Cape Naval HF-Fax service is still on air. I'm trying to get a good chart for them to post here! Stay tuned!

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