Friday, 26 January 2007

Murmansk, Russia Meteo HF-Fax

An unusual HF-Fax station logged today with success. It is supposed to be Murmansk Radio. Rfax info is partially outdated.

8444 kHz, 1330z

This station must be decoded with the receiver in LSB mode. My Sangean was tuned on 8446 kHz LSB. The transmission was wider than 800 Hz, and I didn't noticed the series of tones that triggers the decoder. So another difficult station, not because its distance!

I logged this station yesterday at 1456z and 2007z, so keep an ear(!) at 1440z and 2000z (or something like that!) on 8444 kHz!


Anonymous said...

Hi again, very nice fax. I today try also received. Yes, realy is LSB mode 8446khz.

tnx for tip, bye
Marian - om1axo

ron said...

hi, nice picture, but i would like to now which program are you using to decode ?

tnx for the advice


Anonymous said...

hi, I use shareware Seatty.

M. - om1axo said...

Does anyone knows the Murmansk address? I also listened from Catalunya - Spain (close to Barcelona)