Wednesday, 24 January 2007


Two messages today but with a lot of transmitter failures and four(?) announcers. Carrier was present at 1221z until 1252z, with many breaks. Two messages were sent, old ones with just a minor difference:

  • 1226z: "Arouh Le Min" music intro by Umm Kulthum. A lot of breaks.
  • 1230z: OM calling "555".
  • 1232z: TX failure.
  • 1233z: TX on, other OM into 17g message, as of 23/01!
  • 1235z: Repeat.
  • 1237z: EOM EOT. Carrier left on.
Listen here the sample! Then another message:
  • 1244z: Another OM (more familiar to me!) calling 780.
  • 1246z: Message: 21g message from another guy! As of 21/01 but with one exception: 2nd group "8012" instead of "7012"!
  • 1249z: "Re beat!"
  • 1252z: EOM EOT, QRT.
And here is the second sample! Both transmissions with excellent signal strength.

The other musical theme is "Inte Omri" also by Umm Kulthum. I like them both, actually I like this type of music for its instrumental richness, tempo and vocals. After all, Greek music is influenced by oriental music. A Greek label (EMI) has released some of her art, as you can read here.

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