Tuesday, 23 January 2007

E25 2 voices

E25 today with music intro and 17 groups. Listen today's recording; transmitter's power up in the beginning (1223z) is very spooky! Here is the 17g message to "555". Frequency is as always 9450 kHz AM.

1092 6171 3010 6553 7095 2187 1503 4975 9753 6852
6226 2203 2099 1141 5388 4279 3010

Downloading difficulties issues:
Not my fault. OK, I test the links and work for me. That doesn't mean it works for everyone, you know how computers behave! It must be a Blogger/Google issue. I recommend using a download manager like GetRight, or your favorite alternative.

Update 24/01/2007:
independently logged E25 yesterday and noted two voices, i.e. a second guy took the microphone for the message. It seems to be true, as I posted my log in a great hurry, not carefully listening my recording and didn't notice it. They have similar voices hi hi! Here is the number "five" spoken by both of them, in this short stereo sample. One channel is the first OM, when calling "555" and the other is a "five" from the message. Use the balance control of your soundcard to hear the one or the other channel and compare.

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