Friday, 26 January 2007

E25: Entirely new music theme but no message

For at least 25 minutes E25 was on air today, playing music. Not the usuals. I tuned on 9450 kHz at 1207z and it was already there, until 1229z. I think they tried to transmit a message with no success at 1223z. Here is the sample, ~1221z till the end of the TX. Any ideas about the music?

Yesterday only two "control" messages:

  • 9450 kHz 1226z 25/01: "Arouh Le Min" intro, 557 4, RTTY QRM
  • 9450 kHz 1246z 25/01: 785 29 30 788 27 28, RTTY QRM

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Mr.DXer said...

Hello my friend,

It's a song by the Egyptian Singer Abd Elhaleem Hafiz , that song is written by the Syrian poet " Nezar Qabbany " it's called the Reader of the coffe cup ..." Qare'at alfinjaan" which is a common thing in the middle east of fortune tellers saying that U may know your future by looking through the coffe cup after U finish it.
all the best my friend