Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Major Solar Storm

The sun is shining outside, but that kills ionosphere!

I am still scratching my head... Where are my signals? Turning on the radio brought nothing but noise! Blame the antenna again! But that's wasn't the culprit. Medium wave signals were there; so something else is wrong.

Fellow listeners informed me that a major solar flare wiped out everything below 15 MHz. My favorite mystery signals were gone. Even Athens FAX was mediocre. But DDK7 still reaches me with a nice clean signal.

You can see the great spike (Bang!) in the image. Well don't forget that the vertical scale is logarithmic so actually that's a great, great spike! Stay tuned for latest space weather updates in my favorite space weather bulletin.

Let's see how this will evolve...

Later on 6 December, another spike occurred. It is also obvious in the above image. The ionosphere is still disturbed these moments I update this post...

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