Friday, 22 December 2006

NMG New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. Meteo HF-Fax


A 10000 km path opened late this evening from my QTH to the coast of Louisiana, offering the above image (8504 kHz 0000z). While not promising, the next ones are good:

8504 kHz 0115z

And here is the original, from NOAA's National Weather Service:

Not bad for 10000 km travel! And the next one:

8504 kHz, 0125z

Again, the original:

The funny thing is that on the lower frequency, 4318 kHz, Moscow Fax and New Orleans Fax, coexist! Right now (0152z) Moscow is dominant but you can see the black vertical line of New Orlean's transmission! On the other hand, on 8504 kHz things are getting more noisy, (and my eyes more sleepy!) Oh well, I'll wait a little bit to finish receiving this chart and then to my bed!

8504 kHz 0150z

Stay tuned for more Fax & Numbers! Good night!

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freesparks said...

I would love to know what city and state you live in, for reception purposes. I am new to all of this, I have been using black cat systems Multimode software to see these images and have had no success. I attribute this to my cheap antenna. I have a Gruntig Satellit 750 FM STEREO/LW/MW/AIR SSB radio and currently I am feeding it a cheap Kaito KA33,,which seems to affect only the AM channels naturally. I have a powerful AOR LA 390 HI-Q active loop antenna on the way that I ordered. And, as soon as I get the money, I am going to purchase a transceiver. Can you confirm if its my antenna that is poor? I am on SW USB and have tried both 4317 and 8503. I would really appreciate any expertise that you can give me.