Wednesday, 6 December 2006

I'm pleased to introduce you... E25!

My radio listening has many aspects, from casual FM shows, to Non-Directional Beacon DXing. But the reason I love shortwave is... mysteries! So here is the first mystery station in my blog. Actually this and many other stations are called "Numbers Stations" from their fans. I am a dedicated fan of them!

E25 9450kHz

  • 1213z : Oriental music intro.
  • 1218z : A man started calling "835, 837 7" and repeating that many times.
  • 1220z : The man called only "835". So there is a message for him.
  • 1221z : "Message" x3 and then the message follows in Arabic numbers:
4010/4001 2120/1220 2816/8261 3888/8388 7698/6789
2680/6280 9084/0948 3880/8308 2120/1220 1325/3152
  • 1224z : "Rebeat" x3, then the above message was repeated.
  • 1227z : EOM EOT. Carrier until 1240z
For more info, check Enigma2000 Yahoo! Group.

Latest addition: Sound sample!


Gary said...

Hi Manolis, great site. I must keep checking in as we seem to pick up little in the way of E25( a station which interests me greatly) here in UK. Keep the postings coming. 73 de Gary

Sanaa Ghanem said...

The Western world is using Arabic numbers, whereas Egypt uses Indian numbers. To know the difference, visit Arab Academy