Monday, 18 December 2006


I set my PC to record from receiver, from 1200z to 1300z to catch any E25 transmissions. I was lucky!

  • E25 9450 kHz AM 1209z 18/12 830 8 (listen!)
  • E25 9450 kHz AM 1241z 18/12 785 22 (listen!)
The latter has the usual signal quality I enjoy in my QTH, while the former is noisy. On both occasions you can hear the sound the transmitter makes when turned on! Cool!


Mr.DXer said...

Hello My friend,
I picked Both..but the first one was really weak, the second one was much stronger , also S17 was really strong as well around 12.50z on 9165 kHz.
kharesto poly :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Manolis,

I enjoy your blog :-) Very interesting stuff. Thanks!