Friday, 22 April 2011

E25a transmission at a furious speed

Yesterday, a very strong carrier appeared at 1304 UTC on 9450 kHz and after ~10 minutes (1315z) the usual E25 lady announced an E25a-type of message:

785 56 788 49 52 53 55

Initially the YL said "788 9" instead of "788 49". That was her mistake. It still needs practice and patience to follow her. It is odd that sometimes, when the number which follows is the same, the pause in between is bigger.

The strange (and funny) thing is that after the end of the transmission, at 1321 UTC, the YL started again, in a frantic pace. Then, at 1323 UTC, she was repeating "78" and then "Message" x3, "Rebeat" x3, "End of message, end of transmission" and a couple of WinXP sounds (the kind you get when you are browsing with Explorer" were heard.

Anyway, here's yesterday's recording (trimmed for brevity).

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Two E25 transmissions on 9450kHz, with lots of PC sounds

The recording starts at 1315z on 9450 kHz, AM mode. After the first transmission and during the second transmission, a lot of PC sounds are heard. Any ideas?

Another transmission occurred on 9450 kHz at 1244z (a message to 440, which is the same since 22/02). Also, earlier this morning, a transmission occurred on 6140 kHz, at 0800z:

6421 4880 3351 9836 8953 3361 4186 6507 3344 4586 4880 5390

The station was up at least since 0753z with OM music. WinXP sounds were heard again, the YL ended with “EOM 3...”. It was a strong signal.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

WinXP shutdown sound after an E25a transmission on 9450 kHz

Today there was a transmission on 9450 kHz at 1313z. The strange thing was, while being an E25a transmission (which means no message body), the YL said "Message" three times, and continued to call "785 46". Usually, a runaway "Message" can be heard during E25a messages but in the end of the transmission. After calling "785 46" a couple of times, the YL said "Message" twice, and the WinXP shutdown sound was heard.

Here is the recording of the full transmission.