Sunday, 13 February 2011

E25 today on 9450 kHz


This is the 1230 UTC E25 transmission on 9450 kHz recorded in AM mode. The young lady has a variable rhythm. I suspect that the operators switched to Windows XP since there are reports of that particular OS sounds accidentally escaping to the airwaves. This may be the reason for the varying speech speed.

Nowadays there are more reports of E25 on 9450 kHz probably due to the improving HF conditions.



danix111 said...

That's super odd. I heard one of latest recordings, where YL is slow, then with really fast tempo read 875. This blog is excellent, I like all audio clips.

Manolis said...

Hello danix,

A theory for explaining this, follows: They use an analog device to prepare the messages, which for a reason must be connected to a PC. In the past we heard Win 98 sounds, now we have Win XP. Either the analog voice generator (which actually plays prerecorded voice samples) is problematic, or the PC is slow or has a problematic soundcard.

Any other ideas ;-)

Thank you, the quality of my recordings is good, probably because I don't have a lot of noisy stuff or neighbors nearby hihi!


danix111 said...

Hi Manolis.

Good theory. Soon they should upgrade to digital systems.

I noticed funny fragments in recording:
3:43 - OOOOO (instead of two)
3:45 - SHERROO (instead of zero)
3:49 - ERROO (as above)
5:27 - EEEEE (instead of three)
5:53 - EEAATTT (she's hungry! LOL)

BTW are you sure that's AM? When I browse spectrum I only see upper sideband.

73, danix.

El Masry said...

Hello Manolis,
it has been a very long time since I checked E 25 , you know moving from my home to Northern Europe made it hard to pick up E25 .
on 13/2 around 8.00 Z I picked E25 on 6140
I gues that was the first E25 transmission after Mubarak stepped down.

will send you more details when I get back home.



Manolis said...


Usually 9450 transmissions are AM. Did you use the spectrum display of an SDR radio?


Hope you are well! Thank you very much!