Tuesday, 17 November 2009

S06 on 9135 kHz this morning; parallel transmission heard in the background

A very strong (+10db) and clean signal this morning on 9135 kHz at 0810z, allowed me to hear the audio of a second, weaker, S06 transmission occurring in the background. Initially I thought that since S06 transmits on 7440 kHz (ID 418) at the same time, maybe it was the audio from that transmission. But after listening more carefully, the second YL calls "471"! This is a sample of what I heard. You can hear the second call (471) easier near the beginning of the message.

Is this common for S06? Who knows...


Hans said...


I have heard this happen two
times before, and in one of those
the two messages "swapped" (the
weakest one suddenly became the

Love your blog!


Manolis said...

Thanks for your comment!

Usually when I'm looking for S06 the frequency has QRM or the signal strength is low. Today's transmission was very clear for my standards and I feel very lucky to be able to listen the background transmission.

As you have noticed I don't post as much as in the past. I hope to post more in the future. You know, during some periods of our life we shift our attention to other things!


Attu Bosch said...

Thanks for sharing the audio clip Manolis ! Awesome

Attu Bosch