Saturday, 9 February 2008

One of the longest E25 messages: 36 groups!

Agent 315 got a 36-group message on 9450 kHz today at 1115z, S9+10 signal on the Icom!

Here's the message:
6808 0921 3063 1954 0199 9166 5385 9671 9142 5440
3378 4022 3531 4014 8553 6385 7442 1377 2985 0340
0351 2201 7807 9140 9024 2969 6240 6138 2506 5311
7286 2065 1714 2522 0921 1234

Note that the 3rd group gives the gc and 3 as a serial.

And here's the clip!

At 1222z another strong carrier appeared and at 1230z sent the control message "557 5".

Except from the large message logged today, E25 traffic is lower than usual.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. I love how clear your recordings are.

I'm not sure if there is any schedule for E25, but when it is on there is faint reception in the UK. Here's what I recorded:

(very rudimentary, I know)


Manolis said...

Actually your video is very cool since it shows that E25 is possible in the UK even with modest equipment!

Do you use an external antenna???


LCduT said...

I'm using a 10m random wire, not coupled directly to the whip as that completely overwhelms the little Kaide. Instead, I've coiled about 20 cm around a cardboard tube which goes over the whip.

I will get a Degen soon, and hopefully catch E25 again.