Monday, 11 February 2008

ABC and ULX together

Yesterday ABC spotted on the same frequency as ULX.
At 1038z on 6270 kHz ULX was repeating the g23 IWLXY message and ABC was in the same frequency! At 1040z ULX ended but ABC was still there. It suddenly stopped at 1042z.



HFSurfing said...

Hi Manolis

sorry to react on this message
but i couldn't find a place to contact you
you wrote about your matching transformer to cut PC noise
çan you please let me know what this is for kind of transformer?
or can you leave a message at your blog so anyone could benefit from this info
thanks in advance

Manolis said...

It's ok!

I haven't published any email address a) for obvious reasons and b) since most of you know where to meet me (E2K group!).

You are right, it is something I have to my to-do-list for a long time. I hope to write a nice post soon!


HFSurfing said...

many thanks Manolis
looking forward for it