Thursday, 18 October 2007

E25 loud(?) and CLEAR on 6140 kHz

E25 now can be heard without interference from RAI International. The station ceased shortwave transmissions since 30 September 2007. While this is too bad for RAI, an excellent opportunity now opens for everyone who has the curiosity, will and time available to monitor for E25 transmissions on 6140 kHz.

Now I have a good and clean signal nowadays, but not as strong as 9450 kHz. You can check at any quarter of hour from 0800z to 1100z on 6140 kHz, and of course 1200z to 1300z on 9450 kHz. The mode is usually AM or USB in some cases. Happy hunting, and please report your findings here or to the Enigma 2000 group!

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