Monday, 16 July 2007

Lots of E25 specials

6140 kHz is active but interesting things still happen on 9450 kHz, like this. For less than a minute, a carrier appeared on Sunday 15/07 at 1143z and some background chat was heard. The audio was weak; some DSP processing boost it a little.

Then a transmission followed: 780 788 52 53 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 71 74 then 780 repeated and a 14 group message followed. After the "EOM EOT" another voice said "15 3...", "3...", some bg noises and mouse clicks (?) "...1" and finally they QRT. Here is a sample; be patient to listen till the end of the clip!

Second special: The same day at 1200z again on 9450 kHz calling 275 then "Message" x3 2001 280 x9. An odd message consisting of nine "280". The fact that we can get a correct group count from the first group and 02 as a serial is also interesting. Sample! Note the long gaps.

Third and best special! Two messages for two agents in the same transmission! that happened on 6140 kHz today (Monday 16/07) at 0716z. Enjoy!

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che fine hanno fatto le emissioni E25