Monday, 16 July 2007

Lots of E25 specials

6140 kHz is active but interesting things still happen on 9450 kHz, like this. For less than a minute, a carrier appeared on Sunday 15/07 at 1143z and some background chat was heard. The audio was weak; some DSP processing boost it a little.

Then a transmission followed: 780 788 52 53 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 71 74 then 780 repeated and a 14 group message followed. After the "EOM EOT" another voice said "15 3...", "3...", some bg noises and mouse clicks (?) "...1" and finally they QRT. Here is a sample; be patient to listen till the end of the clip!

Second special: The same day at 1200z again on 9450 kHz calling 275 then "Message" x3 2001 280 x9. An odd message consisting of nine "280". The fact that we can get a correct group count from the first group and 02 as a serial is also interesting. Sample! Note the long gaps.

Third and best special! Two messages for two agents in the same transmission! that happened on 6140 kHz today (Monday 16/07) at 0716z. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A nice ART / JSR mix

For a couple of minutes a fight between E10 JSR (the intruder) and ART happened on 5435 kHz (ART's home frequency) at 1500z. Here is the recording of their "quarrel"!

ART finally sent its g26 ZSWMU message (an old one).

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

E25 on 6140 kHz with more power and new songs

Usually E25 sounds like this here in Crete, in USB mode with RAI interfering. This makes things very hard to me because I always get confused about what the operator says!

Today operators decided to help by increasing their power and playing new music in AM mode. Unfortunately no message followed; the entire session lasted from ~1100z to 1127z. Here is a portion of it. In the beginning only the (strong) carrier is present; in the end you can listen RAI alone. The difference is prominent. I really hope they will keep the new power settings on their transmitter and make my life easier! (And broaden the potential E25 audience!)