Friday, 27 April 2007

Who else is on 9450 kHz?

I found the latest Shortwave broadcast schedule from EiBi. So who else uses the same frequency?
So we have IBRA Radio at 1200z-1300z without causing too much QRM and then VoR, with a strong digital (DRM) transmission. A little searching can reveal more info about these stations.

Language codes:
PJ stands for Punjabi (India/Pakistan)
HD stands for Hindko (Pakistan)
UR stands for Urdu (Pakistan)
HA stands for Haussa (Nigeria)

The rest language codes should be clear to you :-) If not, take a look at the "readme" file at EiBi.

Transmitter locations (aka Remarks):
t is Taldom-Severnyj (near Moscow) 56N44, 37E38
ka is Kashi (Kashgar) (Xinjiang) 39N30, 76E00

And that completes the "Who's who on 9450 kHz"!

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