Thursday, 8 February 2007

The E25 saga continues

For several days I have noted activity on 9450 kHz at 0800z. Yes, that early! Let's unfold this story first:

Monday 5 February
A carrier noted on 9450 kHz at 0756z. QRT at 0759z

Tuesday 6 February
0753z carrier up! 0754z music, the familiar style of E25! Definitely E25. QRT 0810z

Wednesday 7 February
0749z carrier! Music! "Arouh Le Min" QRT 0800z

And today the surprise:
0823z carrier on 9460 kHz coming and going. Weaker than previous ones. These were as strong as the English E25 transmissions ~1245z. 0826-08028z series of test tones of different frequencies. Maybe it is not related to E25 but is a very interesting event.


  • 1211z: Carrier, "Inte Omri" music intro.
  • 1217z: "830 16" weaker signals than usual. Read on.
  • 1244z: 780 788 27 28 785 29 30 repeated, the usual excellent signal strength now.
  • 1246z: 780 repeated, "Message" x3
1319 2160 1111 1754 2130 1111

This message reached USA! Chris of SpyNumbers had the luck to log E25 today along with other people on #wunclub!
  • 1248z: "End of message, end of transmission", QRT. Listen! "EOM" is at 4min 51sec.
Tip: Messages to "8xx" are in Arabic and with reduced power/different beaming. Analysis in progress!

Too tired now... 73!

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