Tuesday, 13 February 2007

S17c with a different callup

HFD from E2k Group noted that S17c used s different callup sequence, instead of the known one: "555"x3, "313"x3, 05 etc. Today, she said "777"x3 instead of "555"! Listen! 9165 USB, 1250z. A very good signal on my QTH, but i did some processing to reduce noise!

E25 test & voices again

This is the beginning of the test transmission started at 0815z and ended ~0833z on 9450 kHz this morning. Again there is a weak conversation in the beginning, and when the music started, the people talking, can be heard easily.

It will be very interesting if E25 start transmitting more frequently. More messages to gather & analyze, and more opportunities to other Numbers fans to listen! I wonder if this will evolve to a 0830z-1030z-1230z schedule!

Monday, 12 February 2007

E25 morning tests

This is a recording of the beginning of a test(?) transmission from E25 this morning (9450 kHz AM, 1032z). Except that it proves the existence of other broadcast times than ~1200z-1300z, it is very interesting because an entire conversation can be heard in the background. If anyone can hear & translate it, is welcome to post a comment and make me happy!

Thursday, 8 February 2007

The E25 saga continues

For several days I have noted activity on 9450 kHz at 0800z. Yes, that early! Let's unfold this story first:

Monday 5 February
A carrier noted on 9450 kHz at 0756z. QRT at 0759z

Tuesday 6 February
0753z carrier up! 0754z music, the familiar style of E25! Definitely E25. QRT 0810z

Wednesday 7 February
0749z carrier! Music! "Arouh Le Min" QRT 0800z

And today the surprise:
0823z carrier on 9460 kHz coming and going. Weaker than previous ones. These were as strong as the English E25 transmissions ~1245z. 0826-08028z series of test tones of different frequencies. Maybe it is not related to E25 but is a very interesting event.


  • 1211z: Carrier, "Inte Omri" music intro.
  • 1217z: "830 16" weaker signals than usual. Read on.
  • 1244z: 780 788 27 28 785 29 30 repeated, the usual excellent signal strength now.
  • 1246z: 780 repeated, "Message" x3
1319 2160 1111 1754 2130 1111

This message reached USA! Chris of SpyNumbers had the luck to log E25 today along with other people on #wunclub!
  • 1248z: "End of message, end of transmission", QRT. Listen! "EOM" is at 4min 51sec.
Tip: Messages to "8xx" are in Arabic and with reduced power/different beaming. Analysis in progress!

Too tired now... 73!

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Some more schedule times for Tashkent Meteo

Today these air times were noted for Tashkent fax service:

  1. Earlier than 1507z
  2. 1510z
  3. 1541z
  4. 1608z
Second and third fill the gap 1500z-160z which is nice. Images were of bad quality so I didn't upload them.

Some more images from Murmansk

Three images from that unique fax station which transmits on LSB mode. Your favorite fax decoding software might miss it since Murmansk does not transmit the series of tones which activates the decoder. You must be present and press "Receive" when you notice a fax transmission. Usually Murmansk sends the "white" tone and then the phasing band of black-white for you to align the image. Then the chart follows.

At noon, the two images were sent one after the other so I has to manually start and stop the decoder.

8444 kHz 1327z

8444 kHz 1342z

8444 kHz 2002z

An annoying "barking" sound (digital station) is present near Murmansk's frequency. It doesn't cause much interference but it is really annoying!

HSW64 Bangkok, Thailand Meteo HF-Fax

Bangkok HF-Fax service is active on 7397 kHz in par with rfax. today I received the following charts:

7397 kHz 1702z Forecast for shipping

7397 kHz 1720z Surface analysis

Signal was weak and had voice QRM. Also at 1300z was on air, on the same frequency but much weaker so no chart to present here!

Monday, 5 February 2007

E10 in parallel with Slavic OM

I just caught E10 calling SYN2 on 3840 kHz USB, at 2051z, in parallel with a Slavic male counting live! Listen!


We had two transmissions today, one in Arabic and one in English. Both are the same as yesterday's transmissions. There was a notable difference though. Yesterday in the Arabic message, single digits were first, while today they came second.

  • Arabic transmission: 9450 kHz AM 04/02 1220z (listen!)
9001 / 9 0 10
9260 / 29 6 0
4621 / 64 12
1410 / 41 1 0
6729 / 76 92
8917 / 98 71
9416 / 49 61
2339 / 32 93
9260 / 29 6 0
7479 / 47 97
  • Arabic transmission: 9450 kHz AM 05/02 1211z Different announcer, clearer voice for me to translate! (listen!)
90 10 / 9001
29 6 0 / 9260
64 12 / 4621
41 1 0 / 1410
76 92 / 6729
98 71 / 8917
46 91 / 6419
32 93 / 2339
29 6 0 / 9260
47 97 / 7479
  • English transmission: 9450 kHz AM 05/02 1241z, same as of 31/01 (listen!)
1310 0160 1111 1754 2130 1111

I hope my translation to be correct. Time for rest now...

Update 08/02/2007:
After Mr DXer's comment, I corrected the translation! Thanks Mr DXer! Yes I confuse sitta (6) with tissa (9) because sometimes I can't hear the stressed "t" in tissa. Some of the E25 announcers are more difficulr for me to understand!

Friday, 2 February 2007

UNID HF-Fax station: Must be Tashkent!

I did a search to some old HF-Fax images, received back in 2001-2002 where the Sun was more kind to us offering more sunspots! I found some similar images, of better quality, which resemble the ones I've posted earlier. The service's logo is visible, and I think it reads "UZHYMET". So it must be Uzbekistan. I'll show you my older images later, and ask you if I'm right. Here is a link to the Weather Service web page. Still I haven't found more info about fax transmissions...

First, I believe a transmission was on air commencing earlier than ~1359z, but it was under heavy QRN. A series of images followed, with slightly different timing than the previous days.

4067 kHz, 01/02/2007 1422z

4067 kHz, 01/02/2007 1448z

4067 kHz, 01/02/2007 1601z

4067 kHz, 01/02/2007 1631z

4067 kHz, 01/02/2007 1701z

4067 kHz, 01/02/2007 1731z

There was also a transmission at 1801z, but I was listening to G11 of course!

Here are the old pictures. Definitely then the conditions were better, despite being received in a more noisy location and with Sangean's 7 meter random wire antenna!

15/09/2001 1440z

04/10/2001 1439z

15/09/2001 1501z

22/12/2001 1519z

I have uploaded them full-sized so you can read the labels more easily! Unfortunately no frequency details available. I was novice then and underestimated the value of a good logbook! But it is obvious that the conditions were much better back in 2001.

Thursday, 1 February 2007

G11 is back!

Great news! G11 is back on 5779 kHz USB at 1800z with great signal! Listen!