Wednesday, 31 January 2007

E25 with a lot of pops and breaks

I tuned on 9450 kHz at 1201z and a nice carrier was present. But with a lot of pops and later with transmission breaks.

  • 1201z: Carrier was present.
  • 1212z: Music intro: "Arouh Le Min".
  • 1217z: Music stops, hum, bump, man starts calling "8... 830 13".
  • 1223z: Mic taps, QRT.

And then the breaks party begun:
  • 1241z: Carrier up again.
  • 1246z: After a series of test tones and transmission failures, a man starts calling "780 785..." failure again...
  • 1249z: Background noises! A voice! Door screeching, then man calling "780 785 29 30 788 27 28" many times.
  • 1253z: OM calling "780" many times.
  • 1254z: Message of 6 groups: 1310 0160 1111 1754 2130 1111
  • 1255z: Repeat.
  • 1256z: EOM EOT, QRT.

Important observation!
Richard from e2k group noted:
The last 2 digits of the second group indicates group count. For example, 2nd group today was 0160, the last 2 digits are 60. If you reverse the order (06) you have the group count!
Try it in every message I posted and see that it works! Thanks Richard! This tip seems to work even in my old logs!

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