Wednesday, 6 December 2006

NMF Boston Meteo HF-Fax

The sun storm continues, but the whole Earth is covering ionosphere in my part of the world. Sunlit regions of Earth are affected, and luckily it is night now.

For some reason I have a "decent" propagation path from here to Massachusetts and I can copy Boston Meteo Fax also on 9110 kHz (9108 kHz on my dial, you know, just subtract 1.9 kHz from the listed frequency!)

Reception on 9110 kHz is just a little better than 6339 kHz, so I parked my receiver there for some time. Here is a sample chart:

9110 kHz 2140z

And a chart depicting a satellite image:

9110 kHz 2151z

It is amazing that someone can receive signals from across the world, signals which travel in an unpredictable medium!

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